It feels like just yesterday you got your new car. It’s like you blinked and BAM, your odometer reads 30,000 miles driven. That’s a reason to celebrate! It’s a great milestone that means your new car is an important member of the family. Just like the people in your family though, your car needs checkups too. Generally, the first time you should have major service done is around the 30,000 mile marker. This milestone is important mostly because it’s a true testament to how you have been treating your car thus far. If you have kept up with the minor regular maintenance, like getting an oil change every 3,000 miles and not playing racecar every day, you should have nothing to worry about!

Here at Woody’s Garage & Auto Sales in Bowling Green, we put together a guide of general maintenance and services that should be performed at 30,000 miles.

Replacing Filters

There are a number of different filters with different and important functions throughout your vehicle. The 30,000-mile auto service is the perfect time to replace your hard-working filters to keep your vehicle in top shape for years to come.

Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin air filter’s sole purpose is to filter out dirt, debris, and allergens from the cabin. For those car rookies out there, the cabin is where you and your passengers sit while riding in the car.

30,000 miles is a lot of road that your air filter has been protecting you and your passengers from! That’s why the 30,000-mile car maintenance is a great time to replace your dirty cabin air filter.

If you choose to keep using your old air filter, your car will by no means break down or explode. It can, however, reduce the airflow in your vehicle causing these potential car maintenance problems:

  • Poor heating or cooling function
  • Strange whistling noise
  • Poor air quality in the cabin
  • Undesirable odor in the vehicle

Engine Air Filter

Your engine air filter works very similarly to the cabin air filter, except it filters the air going into your engine instead of the cabin. In 30,000 miles, a two-liter engine can use over 400 million liters of air — that’s a lot of air to filter through. A dirty engine filter can block air from going into the engine as easily. Air is a vital part of the internal combustion engine and if it’s being blocked, your car won’t perform at it’s best. If it gets bad enough, your check engine light may even come on because your engine isn’t receiving enough air.

Oil Filter

The oil filter in your car works a little differently than the other two filters. Instead of filtering air, the oil filter filters out contaminants in your engine oil. Simply put, the combustion process in your engine creates a by-product that is picked up by the engine oil when it flows throughout the engine to lubricate. This means that you have to replace your oil and oil filter at certain intervals to ensure that your engine is being lubricated with clean motor oil. Make no mistake though, 30,000 miles should absolutely not be the first time you change your oil filter. Some owners have their oil filter changed at the same time as their oil, which should be changed as frequently as every 3,000 miles. So, by the 30,000 car maintenance marker, your oil should have been changed around 10 times.

If you have any questions or need reliable and high-quality oil and filter change in Bowling Green Kentucky, come check out Woody’s Garage & Auto Sales!


Changing fluids in your vehicle is important because it keeps your transmission shifting smooth, brakes braking hard, and engine at a safe temperature. During your 30,000-mile car maintenance:

  • Your transmission fluid may need to be changed to keep your car shifting smoothly (especially if you drive a manual transmission)
  • Your brake system may need to be flushed for maximum braking capability
  • Your coolant system should be flushed to make sure you have fresh coolant to keep your engine from overheating
  • Your clutch lines may need to be flushed to keep your clutch going strong


At 30,000 miles, your tires should still be in good shape — unless you’re in the parking lot doing donuts all the time. But it’s always a good idea to rotate your tires during your 30,000-mile car maintenance.

Depending on the exact make and model of your vehicle, your 30,000-mile car maintenance may be a little different. The above auto services are maintenance that is typically done for most cars around the 30,000-mile mark. For the exact recommended maintenance, consult your owner’s manual or come talk to us at Woody’s Garage & Auto Sales today!