At 60,000 miles, your car is maturing. It has hit its glory years where it proved itself time and time again but still has a lot of good miles left. Sixty thousand miles is when one of your biggest preventative car maintenance services should happen to make sure you get another 60,000 miles out of your baby. But what auto service needs to be done? At Woody’s Garage & Auto Sales in Bowling Green, Kentucky, we put together some of the most common services done at the 60,000-mile mark.

Many of the services done for 30,000-mile car maintenance also happen in the 60,000-mile one. In case you missed it, our other blog outlines in more detail everything that is typically done at 30,000 miles.

Basically, both the 30,000-mile and 60,000-mile car maintenance include:

  • Changing the transmission fluid
  • Getting your tires rotated
  • Changing your filters (engine, air, and oil)
  • Checking our battery
  • Flushing brakes, coolant, and clutch

The 60,000-mile car maintenance builds off of all of the above services and adds a few more very important preventative maintenance steps.

Inspection/Replacement of Critical Parts

Your Woody’s Garage & Auto Sales certified mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection of some of the most critical parts of your car that are known to need attention after 60,000 miles. Woody’s Garage & Auto Sales makes sure to provide full disclosure to our customers and won’t charge for any work done unless pre-approved. Things we look for are:

Replacing the spark plugs

Changing the spark plugs is an easy way to create cleaner emissions by making sure your engine is sent the proper amount of gasoline. Changing the spark plugs can reduce strain on your battery and make your car start more easily.

Inspecting/replacing timing belts or chains

Simply put, your timing belt is monumentally important to make sure your engine doesn’t skip timing. If your timing belt breaks, it can ruin your engine and potentially total your car.

Brake pad replacement

Replacing brake pads is crucial for the long-term usability of your car — with worn down brake pads your car won’t stop as soon (or at all)!

Throttle body cleaning

This is sometimes done during the 30,000-mile car maintenance as well. Without getting too far into it, your throttle body helps your car have a healthy and natural idle.

Inspecting the fuel and exhaust systems

Double checking the fuel and exhaust systems can make sure that you don’t have any leaks. A fuel leak can dramatically impact your gas mileage. An exhaust leak can make your car significantly louder and potentially fail emission standards.

While there are more minor parts that are inspected and potentially replaced, depending on the results of the inspection, the above list covers some of the more important and common services included. Each vehicle is unique and has different car maintenance needs. Always consult your owner’s manual or a professional like Woody’s Garage & Auto Sales in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to find your individual make and models’ needs at 60,000 miles.